Assam’s Former DGP Mukesh Sahay Takes Maths Class for Students After Retirement
Mukul Sahay (Photo Credits: Kamakhya Prasad Tasa Facebook)

Assam Director General of Police (DGP) Mukesh Sahay retired last month after 34 years of service but that has not stopped him from working. The former cop has taken teaching children for his retirement period. The DGP Assam is now a full-time Mathematics teacher at Sonaram Higher Secondary School in Guwahati. Sahay who retired on April 30 had attended one of the school's events (a plantation program) in 2016 on the principal's invitation.

“I happened to tell him that we were in need of a Maths teacher,” says Dwinjendra Nath Barthakur, Principal, Sonaram Higher Secondary School. Although being one of the reputed schools in Assam, they did not have a Maths teacher since 2016. The Chemistry and Statistics teacher would pitch in to teach students Maths. When Sahay knew of the requirement, he was interested, but couldn't take classes due to his tight-duty schedule.

Talking about it, Dwinjendra Nath Barthakur, Principal told The Indian Express, "He even asked me to send him textbooks. This was in August 2017— which is when Sahay had planned on joining but owing to the busy nature of his job, it did not work out. The day after he retired — May 1 — he called Borthakur . On May 7, he began his new job."

The 1984-batch IPS officer said he worked a part-time tutor for an extra my income in his younger days. He was born into an economically backward family in Bihar.

Sahay now takes classes every day, holding one-hour lessons on Calculus. He said, "The new Class XI batch will join a couple of months later, and perhaps I will begin to teach two lessons when they do. I am quite conversant in Calculus so it has not been too difficult, but I definitely need to do my homework every day. We never stop learning — one must always be socially relevant, physically active and mentally engaged."