Watching horror films may not be everyone's cup of tea, but many excel in it. But a mother had the scare of her life quite unexpectedly. A mother took to twitter sharing photo of how she was scared of seeing a spooky baby on her baby's video monitor. Twitter user @PassionPopSoc posted the viral picture which shows the baby sleeping in the crib in the scariest way possible. Her baby looked possessed like one of those scary dolls in horror movies. With sparkling lit eyes and deformed nose, the 'doll-like photo' looked nothing like her baby. Ghost Caught on CCTV Camera? Video of Wheelchair Moving On Its Own in Chandigarh Hospital Is Freaking People Out on the Internet! (Watch Viral Video)

Fortunately, it was only a technical glitch and had done no harm to her child. After she tweeted, it quickly went viral with other parents commenting on how they would have fainted if they saw it on their baby monitor screens. The mother tweeted the photo with the caption, "We got a new video baby monitor and I think that was a mistake." Some of the parents also shared similar experiences they faced after they bought a baby monitor. Ghost Caught on Camera With Its Pet! NY Couple See Spooky Shadows in Their Home. 

Scary Ghost on Baby Monitor:

Some commented they have also been similarly got frightened when their baby monitors displayed scary footages. People also shared footages of how the screens made their baby look terrifying at multiple occasions. Photos they shared show the babies with spooky-looking eyes and face. It seems universally baby monitors are infamous for making children look like ghosts in the night. Meanwhile, some cracked jokes and made memes lighting down the tensed situation.

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