A video going viral on social media shows a chimpanzee scrolling through Instagram! While you may like to believe it is fake, it is real. The chimpanzee is going through the Instagram feed of Mike Holston, an influencer and animal conservationist. The animal can be seen scrolling through posts, watching videos, liking pictures, just like a human being! Holston works at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami in the United States. His has posted multiple videos of himself with chimpanzees while referring to them as kids. The chimpanzee in the video is named Sugriva. However, as the video went viral, it generated a lot of negative backlashes with people asking why was the animal given a phone in the first place. Dan Bilzerian’s Viral Video of Feeding a Grizzly Bear at House Party Goes Viral Says He ‘Loves Animals’ After PETA’s Complain.

Mike posted the video with the caption, "Every night I go to bed thinking how I can help change the world and inspire people to love our beautiful wildlife and ecosystems! I’d legit take a bullet for any animal at any day and anytime that’s just how much I care for them! Idk what kind of fire god set in my soul for animals but the love is deep and real! I was placed on this earth for 1 thing and that’s exactly what I'll do for the rest of my life! Let's all love one another and save the planet together as one." As the video was shared widely, people commented on the sad state of affairs wherein social media has even ended up even in the hands of an animal. Meet 5 Pet Animals Who Own a Fortune!

Watch the video below:


The video also prompted criticisms from renowned primatologist and anthropologist Jane Goodall. Reacting to the video, she wrote in Jane Goodall Institute blog, "I am very disappointed to see the inappropriate portrayal of a juvenile chimpanzee in this video which is currently circulating on social media... As responsible and compassionate individuals, I hope anyone who sees the video will not like, share or comment on it and all responsible media outlets change the coverage of the video to highlight stories of chimpanzees in wild or responsible captive care."

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