New Delhi, January 29: In the backdrop of outbreak of novel coronavirus in Wuhan city of China, India's Ministry of AYUSH on Wednesday suggested homoeopathy for prevention of the infection and said Unani medicines were also useful in the symptomatic management of the infection. The advisory regarding the novel coronavirus did not go well with Twitter users who pointed out that there no vaccination is currently available for coronavirus. ‘Homeopathy Is NOT Medicine’, Say Twitter to National Health Portal; Why the Alternative Medicine Receives So Much Hate.

The Ministry of AYUSH asked people to maintain personal hygiene like washing hands with soap frequently and covering mouth with an N95 mask. "Drink Shadang Paniya (Musta, Parpat, Usheer, Chandan, Udeechya & Nagar) processed water (10 gm powder boiled in 1 litre water, until it reduces to half). Store it in a bottle and drink it when thirsty," it suggested. The ministry also suggested few medicines as a preventive measure for infection. Coronavirus Outbreak: Conspiracy Theories Floating on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp About Deadly Virus Spread.

Twitter users hit out at the Ministry of AYUSH and accused the government of spreading misinformation at a time when the coronavirus outbreak is causing panic across the world. They said homoeopathy, a 250-year-old system of medicine, has no vaccination for the deadly virus.

Here are some reactions to the health advisory on coronavirus:

The Communist Party of India (Marxist) also slammed the government over the advisory. The CPI(M), in a tweet said: "Shocking that the Govt would resort to blatant misinformation in a serious Public Health issue which can affect the lives of people. This is sheer madness!"

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