Deer Poacher From Missouri ‘Sentenced’ To Watch Disney’s Bambi Movie Once a Month in Jail
Poacher ordered to watch Bambi as a punishment for killing deers (Photo credits: Pixabay and Disney)

A poacher named David Berry Jr. who has killed more than 100 deer illegally in the name of trophy hunting over the years has been served with a unique jail term. Nor will Berry just spend his time behind the bars, he will have to watch Walt Disney's animated film Bambi. The sentence is one of the largest poaching cases in Missouri, US. Served with a jail term of a year, Berry will have to watch the animated film once a month. Two-Headed Deer With One Dead Head Found by a Hunter in Kentucky, View Pics!

Over the last decade, Berry and his associates including his two sons David Berry Jr and Kyle Berry, have killed numerous deer from the forests of southern Missouri. Their gruesome poaching techniques included taking off the antlers, cut off the heads and then leaving the bodies to rot wherever they were shot. The purpose behind collecting the deer heads was solely taking it is a trophy. They were driven by the thrill of the kill and there was also some financial support involved. After 9 months of investigation, members of the Berry family were arrested in August 2016. Jungle Justice: Suspected Rhino Poachers Eaten by Lions in South African Reserve.

To make Berry realise his error, he will have to watch the emotional film Bambi, which focuses on deer poaching. The added stipulation states, "David Berry Jr. 'is to view the Walt Disney movie Bambi with the first viewing being on or before December 23, 2018, and at least one such viewing each month thereafter, during Defendant's incarceration in the Lawrence County Jail." The Berry family has also been revoked of their hunting and fishing licenses for life. The film shows Bambi's mother being shot by hunters while she shouts to her child to run faster. The emotional scene had left many traumatised. The judge has chosen to be creative with the sentence but we not sure it will cause some effect on the poacher who has regularly killed so many deer for just the thrill of it all.