Donald Trump Trolled Again! Video of US President Boarding a Plane With Toilet Paper Stuck to His Shoe Goes Viral
Trump has toilet paper stuck on his shoe (Photo credits: Video grab)

President Donald Trump does not need to really give reasons to the world to laugh at him. Time and again he has been a target for trolling on the social media and be it his pictures, statements or videos he will be targetted. Now a new video has come up online which shows a piece of paper, rather a toilet paper that has been stuck on his shoe. Trump was abroad the Air Force One when the footage was captured on camera. It takes no time for such things to go viral. Mr President, Welcome to the Land of Free Press: Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin Trolled During Their Finland Summit.

Donald Trump was walking up the stairs of the aircraft at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport. The paper did come off when he entered the cabin and one of the people accompanying him then picked it up. But such goof ups are enough for the people to crack jokes on it. Donald Trump Sitting Cross-Armed Picture Has Turned Into a New Viral Meme, Check Funny Jokes! 

Watch video of Donald Trump walking up the stairs with toilet paper stuck on his shoe

Twitterati is like just waiting for a moment to make jokes and troll him. So the video has already got 25,000 plus retweets and close to 70,000 likes. Check out people have reacted to the video.

Toilet paper calls for shit jokes!

Rhyme game on point

Just a day ago, US residents also received a Presidentail alert. And someone made fun of that too!

People on Twitter were clearly having a good laugh, some expressing it made their day to see Trump's goof up while others enjoyed that nobody bothered to tell him about it.