A drunk man, identified as Kumar, did the most unimaginable thing when he saw a snake crossing his path on Tuesday. The man from Kolar, Karnataka was infuriated enough to bite the snake into pieces as it came in his way. It shouted at it as if it could understand anything and then shred the reptile into pieces. He was repeatedly saying, "How dare you block my path," and then went ahead to bite the snake. The video of this incident is going viral leaving viewers in shock. The man kept on biting it till it was torn apart into pieces.

Many other such incidents under the influence of liquor have been reported ever since the selling of liquor has been resumed after the lockdown based on home ministry's order. Cases of people breaking the lockdown rules and social distancing laws have increased because of the alcohol is available to the people. Check out this video of the man biting off the snake into pieces. Watch video:

This is not the first time that people have done crazy things under the influence of alcohol. In the month of January this year, a drunk man in Rajasthan's Dausa district kept fighting a snake despite it consistently biting him. The video of him wrestling with the snake as he held on to the snake for close to 30 minutes in an inebriated condition. In 2019, a farmer from Mahisagar village in Gujarat bit a snake back after it bit him first. The 70-year-old farmer named Parvat Gala Baria was bitten by a snake in his farm and the angry victim tried killing his attacker and bit him back. Both, the man and the snake, ended up dead.

That is not it, in 2018, a man Sonelal from Hardoi, UP bit off a snake's head, chewed it and then spit it. The scary and disgusting video had gone viral showing Sonelal taking revenge as the snake had bitten him before this. He soon fell unconscious and was taken to a community health centre.

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