Effects of Marijuana As Explained in Delhi Police's Press Release Are Hilarious, Chart of Ganja Names Goes Viral
Side effects of weed (Photo credits: File Image)

Marijuana is bad and enough has been said about it from various studies and doctors. Police too have been issuing out campaigns against the use of drugs time and again. But Delhi Police's way of letting people know about their latest arrest with regards to marijuana imports led more people to laugh than take the issue seriously. On Monday, the Delhi police arrested two people in connection with marijuana imports from the US. To inform people about it, they issued a press release, which became a bigger joke on social media, as it read like promoting some good pot in a way! UP Police Twitter Handle Uses Sacred Games Meme To Give Warnings Against Fake News.

The part of its press release had a chart about the different names or rather brands of marijuana that were being imported by the two accused. Alongside, they gave the effects caused by each of these types and the results were hilarious. While it said Bubba Kush gives one a contagious laugh, a brand called Pineapple Express seeks inners peace! The list was really funny and Twitter could not help but pass on these laughs. And for non-smokers, it must have sure caused curiosity. Is Marijuana Replacing Protein Shakes as the New Health Supplement? People are Including Pot in Their Pre-Work Out Regime.

Check The Marijuana Brand Names and Effects That Were in The Delhi Police' Press Release

Twitter users were left laughing at the hilarity of it all, wondering if this was supposed to be a warning or a recommendation!

Is there a prescription for these?

Brand marketing 

It became a new year wish!!

Laughing at own jokes, yep that'd be a lot of us!

The part of the release was indeed funny and people were relating to that stuff even better. After all the laughs and the chart going viral, it was deleted from the press release. Social media may be considered the best place to spread awareness, but this clearly did not work in favour.