Free Beers Offer Convinces a Man To Not Jump Off a Bridge in Minnesota
Man did not jump off a bridge after he was offered with free beers (Photo credits: Facebook/Kwame Anderson and Pixabay, Tembela Bohle )

"I'll make him an offer he can't refuse," is one of the most popular lines in the world of Cinema. The Godfather said this and the line has been repeated, reused and become a phrase even. A beer delivery guy in Minnesota made one such offer of a free beer, that even charmed a man who was about to commit suicide. Two beer delivery guys were able to save a man from jumping off a bridge, as they engaged him in a conversation and offered for free beers.

Kwame Anderson and Jason Gabel work in Minnesota and were about to make a delivery when they spotted a suicidal man on a highway overpass in St. Paul. Anderson quickly called the police to prevent the mishap. Gabel pulled over and started a conversation with the guy, seeking to know what the matter was. The guys were worried that the police may get late and this man would just end his life. So they tried to get the man to the other side of the fence but he was not relenting. They tried building a conversation with him, even offered for food and money but nothing worked. Then they made an offer of a beer, one that he could not refuse. 8 Health Benefits Of Beer That Are Science Backed!

Anderson was having the conversation with this suicidal man for about an hour, while the police had arrived on the spot. But he was intimidated by their presence but Anderson handled the situation well. He asked the guy, "Do you want to have a drink with me?" To which the man replied "Maybe." He then returned with a pack of beers and told the guy that all the 12 bottles could be his if he moved away from the edge of the bridge. Not one but twelve beers for free, was a luring offer for a depressed guy and it worked well. The man came off and onto the other side. The police officers then took him to the hospital for attending him with care. Vagina Beer: Beverage Made With 'Vaginal Essence' of Hot Underwear Models Goes on Sale in Poland.

Anderson proudly shared the incident on his Facebook account: 

Since he was scared of the police officers, Anderson made the man comfortable. As the guy was taken to the paramedics he did not receive the beers immediately. But  Anderson is sure he will keep his promise and give the guy the pack of 12. Well, beer has been bringing together people for a long time, this time it has saved a person from death.