Furious Florida Man Dumps Soil on Girlfriend in Car Using Tractor, Arrested (See Pictures)
Florida man arrested for dumping soil on girlfriend's car (Photo Credits: Okaloosa Sheriff Twitter)

A Flordia man did the unthinkable after a fight with his girlfriend. In a fit of rage, 20-year-old Hunter Mills dumped soil on a car in which his girlfriend was sitting, using a tractor. Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office said that the woman drove to meet Hunter after he told her that he wanted to have a chat with her. He asked her to meet him at his workplace in Crestview on Wednesday. The woman then drove to Hunter's work which is an excavating company. However, the talk did not go as planned with the woman arriving in someone else's car.

Authorities said that the conversation turned ugly after the woman arrived in a white 2010 Cadillac. Photos of the car which was shared by the Sheriff's office show the vehicle being covered in mud. Not only did he pour mud on top of the car, but also on the driver's seat, ruining it completely. Angry Girlfriend Smashes Laptop on Boyfriend's Head For Looking at Other Women in Flight, Watch Shocking Viral Video.

Tweeting pictures of the car, Okaloosa Sheriff wrote, "Hunter Mills of Crestview wanted to talk to his girlfriend - but when she showed up in someone else’s (car) and wouldn’t answer a question, he used a front end loader to dump dirt on the 2010 Cadillac. Her window was down. He’s charged with #felony criminal mischief #Florida." Boyfriend Edits Girlfriend’s Pics to Make Her Forehead Look Bigger Every Time She Irritates Him (Check Viral Pictures)

Here Are Pictures of The Car:

Sheriff's office said that mud flew inside the car as the driver's side windows were open. Fortunately, the woman was not injured in the incident. Following the incident, Okaloosa Sheriff's department arrested Hunter for felony criminal mischief on Thursday. He was later released on a USD 1,000 bond.