Our homegirl, Bella Thorne is turning 23 today! At a very young age, the Pornhub director has made a big name for herself, although it came along with many controversies on the side, the queen knows how to take the rough with the smooth. Whether it is about dealing with the Twitter hackers or even about her stride with OnlyFans, she weathers the storm just right! It is no news that Bella Thorne is XXX-tremely HOT and sexy, so today let's take this opportunity to talk about all the situations, Bella Thorne has grit her teeth and handled like a pro. We all know Bella Thorne knows just the recipe to take the internet by storm, let's check out the popular incidences.  Bella Thorne and OnlyFans Controversy: Everything You Need to Know From Pornhub Director's Debut on the XXX Platform to Sex Workers and Erotic Celebs Turning Against Her. 

When Bella Thorne Leaked Her Nudes To Take The Power From Hackers

Last year, Bella Thorne chose to leak her nude, private and intimate photos on Twitter. The beauty's Twitter account was hacked and the hacker tweeted about leaking Bella Thorne’s nudes to the public. However, Bella wasted no time in taking control over her hacked Twitter account and hit the hacker back by sharing their conversation screenshots including her nude pics. She said she wanted to take back the power from her hackers.

Bella Thorne OnlyFans Controversy

Recently, Bella Thorne found herself in boiling water after sex workers on OnlyFans were furious with her massive debut on the platform. They linked OnlyFans' decision of changing its payment policies--that XXX content providers and sex workers cannot charge over $50 for pay-per-view content and cannot be tipped more than $100 by one user--  with her debut. Bella Thorne was being blamed left, right and centre because the XXX workers believed the changes only came in after she made a whopping $2 million in her first seven days. What is OnlyFans? From Porn Star Renee Gracie & Pornhub Director Bella Thorne to Tana Mongeau & Cardi B Here are Some Of The Popular Celebs Present On The XXX Social Media Platform.  

When Bella Thorne Went Topless

Bella Thorne is the winner of the directorial debut vision award from Pornhub for her XXX short film Her & Him. After this,  Bella Thorne boldly gave us a glimpse of her taking a shower in her bathroom. Bella Thorne shared a picture of her from the bathroom on Instagram and it spread like wildfire. Although, she hid her boobs with her hand giving us a glimpse of her underboob. Bella Thorne Set to Win PornHub’s ‘Vision Award’ for Her XXX Debut Project at the Annual PornHub Awards 2019.  Bella Thorne had also gone viral on Instagram for nude pictures, in a lead-up to PornHub directorial debut for her XXX short film. Bella posted topless pictures one after another of herself.


Bella Thorne Didn't Hide Her Emotions After Ex Tana Mongeau Got Engaged

As soon as Jake Paul and Tana announced they’re getting engaged, Tana’s ex, Bella Thorne didn't hide her emotions and cried it all out. Bella Thorne posted pictures on her Instagram, crying about Tana’s engagement. This clearly showed how filterless Bella really is.  Bella Thorne Shares Nude Pics to Beat Hacker to It, Shocked That Women Didn’t Support Her.

Bella Thorne Ended her Feud with Tana Mongeau

Bella Thorne became the bigger person and ended her feud with Tana Mongeau, by welcoming her into a text group. The YouTube star excitedly shared a screenshot of the message from Thorne which read, "Tana is back in the group" on Twitter.

Winning OnlyFans and HOW!

Despite receiving so much criticism for joining OnlyFans, Thorne didn't stop. She is continuing to do her thing on OnlyFans. Although she apologised to the sex workers she also mentioned that her intentions were clear.

The XXX platform OnlyFans has recently gained immense traction from the celebs. Unlike YouTube and Instagram, OnlyFans doesn't conceal any explicit content. Content like XXX photos, videos, talks, video calls, nudity of any kind is allowed here. Now, it may not be any Pornhub or xnxx.com but it helps celeb like actors, singers, Insta influencers and dancers to build a connection with their fans that is more personal.

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