Heartwarming Photo of a Father Feeding His Baby Daughter Goes Viral, Kickstarts Discussion on Equal Role of Parents in Raising Children
Photo of father cradling daughter goes viral (Photo Credits: Dushyant Singh Twitter)

Photo of a father bottle-feeding his daughter has gone viral on social media. The pictures of Ashutosh Harbola, the CEO of influencer marketing firm Buzzoka, feeding his little daughter Shloka was shared on Twitter by a colleague. The photo was quick to grab eyeballs on social media with people praising the doting father. Many praised Ashutosh saying that the photo changes preconceived notions of people about working fathers. The picture shows how both parents can be equally invested in children's nurture and growth. Father And Toddler's Gibberish Conversation Goes Viral; Social Media is Watching the 'Funny' Video on Loop.

One of his employees Dushyant Singh tweeted saying, "Meet @HarbolaAshutosh, he is my CEO. He is a working dad in true sense. I've seen this guy showing his perfection at work while taking care of his daughter at the very same moment." As the photo was shared widely on Twitter, people also commented on the beautiful relationship between a father and daughter. Father Dives Into Water For a 'Cool' Background Effect For Daughter's Photo and Twitter Bestows Him With 'Dad of the Year' Award.

Here is the Photo of the Father Bottle-Feeding His Daughter:

Fathers also commented on the picture saying how times are changing and men are actively being involved in raising children today. One of the comments on the tweet reads, The picture warmed my heart early in the morning. There was a time when I was a stay-at-home dad too. My wife was not keeping well & my son, too young. But undoubtedly that was one of the most memorable parts of my life." Another comment reads, "Superb. Kudos!!! Other people who think that raising kids is the sole responsibility of mother must learn from him." Another praise reads, "Work is worship but father daughter relationship the best in the world !! Best Dad Pic."