You would think that words from our school Mathematics syllabus would leave our paths now that we're all adults living our lives paycheck to paycheck? Moreover, Maths? The ONE subject that social media blames for being useless in our daily lives. Hello? Well, one of the terms from the basic book of Maths -RATIO- has shown relevance in the social media world with a completely revolutionised meaning. A noun, Ratio is now being used as a verb to be ratioed on Twitter and it doesn't mean what you think it does (Did you hear that Algebra? At least Ratio is of some use) The term Ratio from our Maths homework has changed and here's what it means: ‘Explain in Football Terms’, ‘Explain in Fortnite Terms’ Trend on Twitter Amid Ukraine-Russia War Crisis and We Have No Comments!

'Ratioed' on Twitter vs. 'Ratio' From Maths

As we all know, in mathematical capacity, a ratio indicates the number of times one number contains another. For example, if there are five eggs and four croissants, then the ratio of eggs to croissants is five to four(5:4) whereas, the ratio of croissants to eggs is four to five (4:5) and the ratio of eggs to the total number of objects five to nine (5:9).

While that must've taken you down the memory lane, here's the Urban Dictionary meaning of being 'ratioed' means:

According to UD, being ratioed is when "a reply to a tweet gets more likes than the tweet it was replying to usually indicating the unpopularity or stupidity of the original tweet." Yes, it means that your tweet has gotten engagement but via critisism.

Check out this tweet for better understanding:

Do you see how the definition of this new word ratioed itself has so many terms that didn't exist or wouldn't have made any sense to you while you were solving Ratio exercises in school? Well, it doesn't stop with ratioed. It the past decade, we have seen so many revolutionised meanings of common words that would make you sound like crazy if it weren't for social media. Check out the list we've made for you to keep up if you live under a rock or TBH living a more peaceful live than us. Uh, TBH... BTW means To Be Honest in social media lingo. Oh, and BTW stands for By The Way... Wait we could keep doing this the whole day, so without further ado, check out twelve of the fanciest words from social media:

  1. Woke: Nope, woke isn't just the past tense of wake, it now (from the past few year, actually) has a whole new meaning. Woke has been added into the Oxford English Dictionary and it means being more alert of the societal injustice in our midst.
  2. Bae: Well, it may seem an incomplete word to many BUT it is just a short form of 'baby' and it is used as an adjective or pronoun for people's SOS (Er... SOS means SomeOne Special in the internet world)
  3. Basic: Basic has now become a word used for what may be considered boring or outdated.
  4. On fleek: It is another term for on point used to describe something as perfect in a cool way!
  5. Thirsty: No, no, no, no...Thirsty isn't another word for being parched or the urge to drink water. It's beyond that. It is the feeling you get when you feel hot and desperate on seeing someone mind-blowingly sexy!
  6. Salty: Salty is now a word the kids use to describe a feeling of blue, annoyance, sadness or the likes of it.
  7. Clapback: If you have seen a tweet with clap emoji after every word THAT tweet must've been a clapback. It means answering to someone in a sarcastic manner, mostly to prove a point.
  8. YOLO: YOLO stands for You Only Live Once and this acronym describes the expression of being up for taking risks to have fun in life.
  9. Winning: These days the kids 'win at...' stuff online! This word describes being best at something.
  10. THIS: Have you seen a pic tweeted online with just the word THIS? It is a strong like in terms of social media lingo mostly referring to how someone would want 'so much of this' or 'all of this'.
  11. FOMO: This acronym stands for Fear of Missing Out and refers to the anxiety one feels when they know something fun is happening elsewhere and they aren't a part of it.
  12. Troll: You may find Trolls on social media or you may get trolled for saying something that the Trolls don't like. Either way, it means that you have people who are hell-bent upon making netizens feel miserable for something, usually in an offensive or provocative way.  (Uh, you see netizens means citizens of the internet aka internet users). Also, aka means also known as. Ugh... the loop doesn't stop!

'Bomboclaat', 'Photobomb', 'Can't Even', 'Noob', ' LMAO', etc. are some other words that have taken over our daily conversation via social media. So, unless you're using Internet Explorer, better catch up!

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