There have been many mysterious incidents around the statue of the Virgin Mary from several countries across the world. A lot of it appears into the headlines, with people flocking to the reported site, to worship her, with candles and flowers. Something quite similar happened at a bakery in Bogota, Columbia, where a water stain shaped like Virgin Mary is drawing crowds. Faithful flock to the scene to pray for protection from COVID-19, which has infected millions across the world. Photos of the water stain in the wall, shaped like Virgin Mary has now gone viral on the internet. Flowers, candles and fairy lights adorn the impromptu shrine, alongside a statue of the Virgin Mary, sitting on a makeshift altar.

Like we mentioned already, this is not the first time that mysterious incidents involving Virgin Mary surfaced on the internet. In August this year, a statue of Virgin Mary was captured, crying ‘tears of blood’ in the Italian town of Carmiano. People at the time too, rushed to the site to catch a glimpse, while priests of the church were confused if the liquid coming out of Virgin Mary’s eye was the result of hot weather or ‘someone’s idea of a joke.’

So, when in Bogota, the stain was noticed in the car park of a bakery by the shop’s security guard, it was quite expected to garner enough attention from the Christian devotees. The unlikely holy site has become a place of worship for devotees eager to see the Virgin Mary-shaped silhouette.

Here's the Pic:

“Every day, between 50 and 60 people come here. Before buying something (in the bakery), they visit the spot and pray, and somehow it is really important for them and us,” Lorena, the Bakery worker was quoted as saying in a Daily Mail report. She further added that many believe that the stain is a ‘miraculous figure’ and not something created randomly by humidity. Lorena stated that she believed that the Virgin was protecting the bakery as none of the workers contracted coronavirus.

It is not known if the figure of the Virgin Mary is actually a miracle or an outcome of leakage in the wall. She is revered by Catholics around the world and devotees in Bogota are continuously praying her to stay safe from coronavirus.

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