Masaba Gupta Insults Troll Who Criticised Suhana Khan on Vogue Cover, Deletes Tweet Within Minutes
Masaba Gupts insults troll & deletes tweet immediately. (Photo Credits: Masaba Gupta & makememodelindia/Instagram)

While Bollywood biggies are praising and celebrating Suhana Khan for being featured on Vogue India cover, it has highly agitated the netizens. It is the epitome of showcasing nepotism at its best. Yesterday, Twitterati trolled every bit of the decision of featuring Suhana Khan on the cover of an esteemed magazine. All trollers share a common point of view – what are her achievements that landed her on the cover of Vogue? Yesterday, designer Masaba Gupta shared a tweet tagging Shah Rukh Khan and praised Suhana Khan. And today, the designer took to twitter to insult a troll who criticised the Vogue cover and she deleted the tweet within minutes.

Congratulatory messages were flowing in full form from the industry for the ‘proud father’ Shah Rukh Khan. And Masaba Gupta being one of them, wrote in her tweet: “she’s wonderful, smart & seems so congenial…I wish I had that confidence when I was 18.” In the comments, many people asked the designer what are Suhana’s achievements and while another user wrote, ‘born with a golden spoon will definitely be confident.’

Masaba Gupta’s Tweet Praising Suhana Khan on Vogue India Cover

One user named Prajnesh Karthic quoted Masaba’s tweet and slammed her for the flattering post. He wrote: “‘I wish I had the confidence when I was 18’ translates to ‘I wish my father was powerful enough launch my career on Vogue Magazine”.’

Masaba quickly responded to the troller’s tweet with an elaborate insult which she deleted faster than she tweeted about it.

Masaba Gupta’s Deleted Tweet Insulting a Troller


Masaba Gupta's deleted tweet insulting a troll. (Photo Credits: Masaba Gupta/Twitter)

Taunting the troller with highly insulting tweet, she wrote: “Yes, To launch a career you need influential parents, lots of cash lying around….aap se nahi ho paayega, aap bas tweet karte rehna, troll karte rehna – aur Hum Gadhe ko baap banaate jaaenge.” What was she exactly trying to say? Did she delete the tweet because she indirectly was supporting nepotism? Is Bollywood coming out blatantly accepting the fact that nepotism does exist in the industry? The tweet certainly was inappropriate and would have definitely sparked more debate.