Matrimonial ads can be really funny some times. With people's expectations of the brides-to-be being "slim, fair and beautiful" there are some other things that are added along these days. An ideal situation of the union between two people who can live with each other as equal contributing partners, it is far from ideal when it comes to matrimonial ads. A picture of a similar ad that mentions, "Bride must not be addicted to social media" is shared on the internet and it is going viral. People have responded that the guy may remain single forever with such a demand. Girl's Viral Post to Find a Husband For Her Mother Inspires Another Daughter Go Groom Hunting For 56-Year-Old Mom on Twitter.

A picture of this particular matrimonial ad published in a newspaper was shared on Twitter by IAS officer Nitin Sangwan. The ad is for a 37-year-old lawyer Mr Chatterjee looking for a bride for himself. As the ad mentions, he is a yoga practioner, handsome, fair, non-addicted advocate in high court and a researcher. The criteria for a bride who is "fair, beautiful, tall, and slim." And the next line reads, "Bride must not be addicted to social media." The ad is now going viral as people say that Mr Chatterjee is likely to stay single forever with such demands. Kerala Woman's Matrimonial Ad Seeking a Groom With 'No Caste Bar' is Going Viral for the Right Reasons.

Check The Pic of Ad Here:

Here's How Twitterati Reacted:

He Will Stay Single


No Chance of Getting Married

Perfect Match!

Tough Criteria

Netizens think that Mr Chatterjee will have to stay single forever with such a "tough" criteria to find a bride. While some said that there's a difference in understanding the necessity and addiction of social media. But these days, almost everyone is addicted to scrolling through the apps, be it WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram. To find a bride who is away from this does seem difficult. Meanwhile, the criteria for a tall, fair, slim and beautiful remains constant, which also points out to the larger problem in our society of emphasising on skin colour and appearance of a bride.

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