Mumbai University's New Graduation Dress Code Gets Compared With  Ranveer Singh's Bajirao to Raja Ram Mohan Roy (Check Funny Memes)
Mumbai University graduation dress code (Photo Credits: Twitter)

One of the most anticipated events of college life is the graduation ceremony. Every student is excited about wearing the graduation robe, the hat and then tossing these hats cheering collectively. Unfortunately, Mumbai University students may not get to experience the same as they've decided to replace the colonial robe with a traditional angarkha and red headgear. The official dress code is said to be introduced from the next batch in the month of November. But people are not impressed, or rather have their funny reactions to this traditional attire. Funny memes and jokes some even comparing the attire to Ranveer Singh in Bajirao Mastani are surfacing on social media. Mexican Law Student Dresses Up As Spider-Man for Graduation Ceremony: Watch Viral Video.

The shivkalin angarkha was an outfit donned by great Maratha warrior Shivaji Bhonsle. This outfit also has a Paithani border which represents valour, commitment and good governance, as per the university officials. The maroon headgear was recommended by the university-appointed committee. This move is made particularly in an effort to embrace Indian traditions instead of the  British culture. The desi Twitterati, however, was not too welcoming of the idea. Funny memes and comparisons to pop culture characters were drawn on social media.

Here's a picture of the New Graduation Dress Code by Mumbai University:

Check some of the funny reactions on the newest graduation dress code by Mumbai University.

Is Dress Pe Sandeh Nahi Karte?

Are We in Hogwarts Yet?

Or Back to Raja Ram Mohan Roy?


Is There Thaali Coming Our Way?

Too Far?

What's With His Expression?

Make Sure You Twirl!

But there were also some who were quite impressed with the idea and said it has a Maharashtrian appeal. Well, maybe we are too used to the black coloured graduation robes and this might seem like a culture shock. It remains to be seen how the first batch to graduate in this attire feels about it. What do you think about the newest dress code?