My Score Card Trends on Twitter: People Share Their Results to Give a Very Important Message That Marks Don't Always Matter
My Score card trends on Twitter (Photo Credits: Pixabay and Twitter)

One of the unfortunate traits of bringing up a child is the over-emphasis on academic scores. Education definitely plays a very important role in developing a person's future but that it is what a person has learnt and applied that matters than the marks on the result. A nice trend emphasising that marks are not the only way to reach success is seen on Twitter. Users are sharing the scorecards of their academics, some of them giving a timeline of their success along with. Type ‘Seduce Me’ Autocomplete Trend Takes On Twitter, Netizens Come Up With Funny Memes and Strange Replies!

It does not take long for any tweet to emerge into a trend. So when a Twitter user named @SharmaG_1 shared his scorecard of the 10th, 12th and graduation, others started sharing theirs too. Some of the users are still completing their graduation and some others drove the point that academic scores are not always everything and a rule book to success. 

Check The Trend of Sharing Score Card on Twitter:

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While a lot of people just gave out their percentage scores, the best answer is the one where the person shares his success timeline. So it is not always ideal to judge a person based on their scores. There are such trends that keep coming on Twitter every now and then. Some are funny, some are important, others are just meant to entertain.