PETA Releases Video of Chicks Being Burnt, Drowned and Crushed To Death in Telangana and AP Hatcheries (WARNING: Disturbing Content)
Commercial hatcheries in our country- PETA. (Photo Credit: PETA)

The poultry industry is also known to be one of the most gruesome animal industry, especially in India. Recently, PETA shared a heart-wrenching video of how chicks are being treated in commercial hatcheries in our country taking a strong stand against it. They released video evidence from an egg and meat farm hatcheries in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh showing how baby chicks are routinely abused. They are mutilated, barbarically killed using methods that are so cruel that it is beyond imagination. They are shown using techniques such as drowning, burning, and crushing the baby chicks even with the feet. Peta claims on its site that the abuse the birds are subject to violates The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 that 'inflicting unnecessary pain or suffering on animals used for food is illegal.' PETA Activist Spotted Protesting Against the Use of Leather in Lucknow; Twitterati Trolls & Calls it Drama. 

The whole process of torturing the birds begins with the method of separating the male and female chicks. There are exclusive footages recovered by PETA that shows the people are roughly handling the chicks by 'forcefully  pressing  on their sensitive genitals.' The industry mostly kills the male chicks because they cannot lay eggs, and after that, the ones who are left have graded according to their likeliness of producing a profit for the company and the ones who fail are killed.

Here's the video released by PETA (WARNING: The content is not for the faint-hearted. Viewers' discretion is advised.)

According to PETA, the 'Crushing, suffocating, and grinding chicks up alive are common industry practice in the U.S., and Indian companies have adopted these cruel methods as well.' One of the eye-witnesses documented that one particular facility workers 'crushed and suffocated helpless chicks in large drums stacked on top of each other while trampling others who had fallen to the ground.' Moreover, burning is another killing method as documented at two large hatcheries where they throw live chicks are thrown into the fire.