Pets are Lifesavers! 5 Times Videos of Cats and Dogs Saving Human Lives Went Viral
Pets save lives (Photo Credits: YouTube/Twitter/ Instagram)

Just yesterday a video of a cat saving the life of a baby went viral online.  The video is supposedly from China. The CCTV footage shows the feline getting alarmed as soon as it saw the baby crawling towards the staircase. The pet cat, in fact, obstructs the child for as long as it could to keep it from moving towards the staircase.  If the cat wouldn't have stopped the baby, it could have fallen off the stairs. The kitty cat's supposed quick thinking saved the baby.

In the video, the cat could be initially seen lying cosily on the rest chair, however, it soon notices that the baby was crawling towards the flight of stairs. It jumps out of the chair and runs to obstruct the baby. Well, the parents of the baby would be extremely proud of their pet! You have to watch the video to believe it.

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Most people don't consider cats to be as friendly as dogs, but this instance changes everything! Just earlier this year, Florida-based couple, Paul and Leona Jones of Deltona, were saved by their pet cat's meowing. Media reports were that the cat's cries alerted the couple about the carbon monoxide fumes that were spilling into their home. It was only after they heard their cat Bella cry that they noticed that their car's engine was on and that their home was filling up with the poisonous gas.

In July, a video of two dogs saving a baby from a deadly cobra went viral. In the video, you could see two dogs teaming up to kill a snake (cobra) before the serpent could do any harm to a one-year-old baby Skye, who was sleeping in the room where the snake tried to enter, in the Phillippines.

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Dogs are seriously the best thing that could happen to humankind. At the beginning of the year, a heart-warming video of a dog saving a little girl from falling into a river and drowning made the internet cry. Whoever doesn't believe that dogs are better than people definitely hasn't seen the video yet.

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Dogs are heroes that we don't deserve, for sure. This brave three-legged dog saved the life of a newborn baby that was buried alive by his teenage mother in Thailand. The dog saw the leg of the abandoned baby boy weighing about 2.3 kgs, when he dug the ground to pull the baby out. The 15-year-old mother who was trying to hide her pregnancy from her parents had abandoned the baby. Here's the picture of the dog.

And then there are humans that often torture animals just for fun. While the animals go out of their way to save human lives, people repay them by hurting them. We have come across many incidents wherein humans have done unimaginable things to these poor animals. It is instances like these that make us ponder whether we deserve the kindness of these animals at all.