‘Sperm Extractor’ Pic Goes Viral! Internet in Splits as Memes and Jokes Follow…As Expected
Sperm Extractor memes (Photo Credits: Twitter)

In a viral piece of news that is doing rounds on the internet, a Chinese hospital reportedly is planning to employ a machine for the ease of sperm donors. This high-tech mechanism apparently is supposed to "extract" sperms out of men without them having to use their hands. The new technology with ease the process for sperm donors and infertility patients. People who donate sperms may not need to touch their thing to extract sperm and this machine will do it for them. Ever since the first time the pictures of the “sperm extractor” was posted online, it has gone viral. People are sharing the picture of this white and grey machine that has a small, thrusting attachment to donate their sperm. There are mixed reactions about this machine and some of them are extremely hilarious. You know how Twitter can remain serious for long! People, however, are not sure what they should so with the information and therefore it is raining memes and jokes today online. The viral description of the "sperm extractor" reads: "A Chinese company says its automatic sperm extractor is helping clinics collect semen from donors reluctant to masturbate in a hospital setting." Danish Sperm Bank Cryos Will Now Publish Photos of Their Donors Online, Here's Why.

Take a look at how the "sperm extractor" looks:

Here are some of the most hilarious “sperm extractor” memes online:




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What say?

If at all such a machine exist. The sperm donation world may change completely and one will not have to use their hands.