Still Looking for a Life Partner? Chinese Man Faces Rejection 80,000 Times & Doesn’t Give Up
Chinese Man Faces Rejection 80,000 Times & Doesn’t Give Up (Photo Credits: Screen grab/ Pear video)

Well, let us admit it. There are many men out there who have faced rejection from beautiful women. The reasons are many, some are scared to approach while others are horrible in expressing their feelings. They are still looking for the perfect person. But recently media have come across a Chinese man who could stand as a great inspiration to those who are being rejected by women several times after significant efforts. This man made the headlines for his long-years struggle to find himself a suitable wife. The 31-year-old Niu Xiangfeng has been described by several media outlets as a “dating madman” for not losing hope and continues approaching as he looks for a life-partner.

Over the last eight years, Xiangfeng claims to have asked around 80,000 women if they wanted to date him but got rejected from all of them. Ouch! China’s most eligible bachelor first appeared in the news back in 2013 when photos of him walking through the streets of Beijing holding a sign that advertised his wish to find a wife along with his social media links on the bottom went viral. After Xiangfeng’s father died of cancer a couple of years ago, he realised that he should get married and start a family. But as per his plans, things did not turn the way he hoped, and his search is still on.

Yes, the number seems little suspicious! But Chinese news websites reached out to him to confirm. JoyOnline reported that the 31-year-old Xiangfeng is not struggling creating the sign boards anymore, but his efforts to find the perfect women continues. At present, he is visiting dating websites, and be friends with women on social media and eventually walks up to them on the streets asking them if they are already dating someone. And he always gets rejected. Xiangfeng said that over the years he has texted online to women around 60,000 times, many of whom rejected him, while the rest simply did not answer, and that he has approached to at least 20,000 to 30,000 women on the streets. So, the total count looks correct.

Further, Niu Xiangfeng calls women to be “shameless” when it comes to select partners. According to him, most women desire tall and handsome men who can talk sweetly and be fake, but he is “short and ugly” and does not really enjoys telling lies just to impress women. And money is a big issue to him as single women are looking for men with good remunerations. “They say that as a man, you have to have a house,” and Xiangfeng does not have any.

It genuinely needs courage to face rejections every time, but it does not really signify that women only dates those who have good looks and money, as claimed by Xiangfeng. They don’t reject any men in favour of someone who is ‘rich’ and fake. You cannot really force anyone to like you at first. And secondly you really thought holding a sign stating your desires along with your social media profile will find you a life-partner? Like, seriously? Xiangfeng’s claim of women being shameless and selfish, is not at all impressive. He is not finding a partner not because of his appearance, but it seems he does not really understand the concept of dating. Many people have pointed that Xiangfeng’s approach as aggressive and said, “Love can’t be forced.”