The hashtag which is going viral is #TheArtVsTheArtist. People are sharing pictures with one being named as the 'art' and the other as 'artist'. Mumbai Police also joined the bandwagon and tweeted about their efficient traffic cops controlling the road traffic. They posted the tweet with the caption, "The art of traffic policing is no easy feat. #TheArtVsTheArtist #RoadSafety. Read the entire story here.Check Tweet:

A viral video that is circulating from a Hindi medium school, presumably from rural India, reveals the easiest trick to memorise the multiplication table for 9. Read the entire story here.Watch Video:

The most recent #AskSRK session churns out funniest replies on Twitter.Check Tweet:

A funny video of a cat interfering in a game like a rube Goldberg machine which involves domino has been shared online. The cat ruins the game and somehow manages to complete it too. Watch the video here:

A mysterious black ring was spotted over the skies in Pakistan. It has fuelled some talks if its a UFO or aliens. Read the story here.Watch the video here:

As Florida experiences a terrible drop in the temperature, there have been warnings to people about falling of iguanas, the cold-blooded lizards in the region. Such a warning is going viral on Twitter.Check the Tweet Here:

'Vyommitra', the humanoid for #Gaganyaan unveiled; This prototype of humanoid will go as trial before Gaganyaan goes with Astronauts.  Watch the Video Here:

Twitter is known for coming up with the weirdest hashtags and being a platform to amuse people. The recent one which can be added to the list is #ThereWasNoConceptOf. People are sharing funny memes, GIFs and jokes explaining various instances.Check out the tweets below:


Video of a 91-year-old woman dancing after finishing her therapy sessions has gone viral on socialmedia platforms. According to Golden Age Home Health Care, she is a long-time resident of the place and recently returned from a hospital stay.Watch The Video Here:

On Wednesday morning people have taken to Twitter sharing motivational thoughts and inspirational quotes. Twitterati is tweeting with the hashtags #WednesdayMotivation, #WednesdayThoughts and #WednesdayWisdom.Check Out The Tweets Below:

People Share Their Thoughts on Twitter:

Its a Wednesday and are you feeling the mid-week blues? Then let the positivity on the internet help you out. There are good morning messages, positive quotes, inspiring lines and images that are being shared this morning with #WednesdayThoughts and #WednesdayWisdom. You can read through these messages and feel a little less stressed out and beat away your blues. The day is just getting started and throughout the day we will keep you updated with other trending topics, viral videos and funny memes of the day.

The easiest way of keeping a tab on what's happening around the world is through social media and reactions that follow. So be it a piece of serious news boiling down to some unexpected consequences, or a pet animal doing something unthinkable, social media platforms combine everything and it tends to go viral. So what's happening in the UK or America will have its set of reactions coming up from India too. It is more likely in a light manner with funny memes and jokes.

Also, one can never be sure of what goes viral on the internet. It could be an extremely silly video or a bizarre natural phenonmenon, if it vows the audience in one region, it is bound to come across elsewhere. That is the thing with most viral stuff on the internet. In this section, throughout the day, we will try and keep you updated with the trending topics, funny memes and viral videos.