A group of New Zealanders joined the Black Lives Matter protest in front of the U.S. consulate in Auckland. They performed the traditional Haka dance outside.Watch video here:

A single mother put up billboards appealing the protestors in US to save her shop during the ongoing unrest. The picture is a sad reminder of the hard times for some.Check the pic here:

A terrible landslide took place in Norway yesterday. A dog swept away into the sea but managed to swim back on to the land. Video of his rescue is going viral. Read more here.Watch it Here:

Photo of pani puri stuffed with Maggi is going viral on Twitter. The picture of the famous Indian street snack stuffed with noodles has become the talk of the Twitter town. Unable to digest the weird combination, netizens yell, “Why, why would you do that?” Read the entire story here.Here's the photo:


Video of a rare fight between a King Cobra and a snake has gone viral on social media platforms. What is surprising is how the monkey emerges victorious in the battle. Read the entire story here.Watch The Video Below:

A dog has gone viral for showcasing its support towards the Black Lives Matter protest. A video which was taken during a protest in Cincinnati over the death of George Floyd shows a  golden retriever holding a placard with 'Black Lives Matter' written on it.Watch The Video Below:

Nurses and healthcare workers in the New York City took a knee in solidarity with the George Floyd protesters calling for an end to police brutality and racism. The video capturing the powerful moment went viral.Watch Video:

The death of the pregnant elephant in Kerala that ate cracker-filled pineapple has shooked netizens. People continue to trend #KeralaElephantMurder as they want the perpetrators to be arrested soon.Check Tweets:

A video protesters singing Bill Wither's 'Lean on Me' near the White House in Washington D.C. has gone viral. George Floyd protests are continuing across the nation.Watch Video:

To begin yet another day, netizens are trending #ThursdayThoughts. By sharing wonderful messages and quotes, people on social media are set to start the day.Check Tweets:

You are just one day away from the weekend! And if that's not enough positivity for you today then let the Thursday Motivation help you out. The day begins with positive quotes and good morning messages. #ThursdayThoughts, #ThursdayMotivation are the top trends of the day on Twitter. In this section, we will keep you updated on other trends from India and around the world.

June 4 marks a few observances around the world. In the US there are fun observances like National Cheese Day and National Hug Your Cat Day. While the former celebrates the love for cheese, the later is just a fun observance to express more love for your felines. A more series kind of an event is the

International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression. The purpose of the day is to acknowledge the pain suffered by children throughout the world who are the victims of physical, mental and emotional abuse. It is also the birthday of famous personalities like Angelina Jolie, Russel Brand, Nutan and Ben Stokes. So if any of the messages related to the said events trend online we will keep you updated.

Social media plays a great role, especially at this time of the year when there is just so much happening around the world. There is coronavirus pandemic, a recent threat of cyclones in India, the current civil unrest in US among many other things. But in this section, we will keep you updated with the fun parts related to trending topics. We will share with you funny memes and jokes along with viral videos to get your mind off the newsy stuff everywhere. So stay tuned!