A veterinarian has uploaded a hilarious video of an obese cat, nicknamed Cinder-block refusing to exercise and instead meowing. The cat can be seen standing at the edge of an underwater treadmill moving just one of her paws.Watch The Video Below:

Women at the US Embassy in India celebrated Diwali by dancing to the hit Bollywood number 'Dilbar'. The embassy shared a video of them dancing wearing traditional Indian attire.Watch The Video Below:

Video of a dog carrying an abandoned baby monkey has gone viral on social media platforms. The clip shows the monkey clutching on the dog's back as it walks. The incident was recorded at the Rehli Police Station in Madhya Pradesh, India.Watch The Video Below:

Another Saturday or for our feline buddies, its Caturday! They woke up to mark the lazy weekend while posing for the cameras. As they are up for the day, adorable pics of the cats are here and going viral.Here Are the Pics:

Can I Sleep More?Bring it On!Wake Up Hooman:

The marine iguana also known as sea iguana or saltwater iguana is another beautiful creation of nature. Found only on the Galápagos Islands (Ecuador), sea iguanas are unique among modern lizards. This is the moment when a sea of iguanas was captured in camera and video of it has mesmerised the netizens.Watch Viral Video:

With an aim to make it South Florida's latest tourist destination, World's first Guitar-shaped hotel has opened its gate. According to reports, more than 600 rooms and at night, beams of light that will mimic the strings of guitar.Watch the Video Here:

A terrifying video from Sirohi, Rajasthan shows portion of a footpath built over a drain collapsed. The incident injured two people. The footage is going viral raising concern over the horrific condition of footpaths in India.Watch Viral Video:

This cutie is the new superstar! Identified in reports as eleven-month-old Benni Rea from Iowa is an Elton John fan. Her parents noticed the tiny tod giggling and dancing every time she hears John's Bennie and Jets. And they had the perfect Halloween costume for the baby. Watch the little one as she embodies the famous singer by wearing his iconic glasses, featherly getup and that colourful piano. Internet is loving the video.Watch Viral Video:

The five-day festival of Deepavali has begun. Netizens are sharing their Choti Diwali messages and greetings on Twitter to mark the festival of lights. From beautiful images to thoughtful wishes, here is how Twitterati has begun the celebrations of Choti Diwali 2019.Check Tweets:

Internet has kick-started their day with inspirational quotes and messages online. Just like every morning, #SaturdayThoughts and #SaturdayMotivation can be seen as one of the top trending hashtags on Twitter.Check Tweets:

It is that time of the week again which all of us eagerly wait for, the weekend. And in India, it is even more special as the festival of Diwali 2019 has begun. Nevertheless, if you are up and about to your workplace then you might need some Saturday Motivation. Social media is the best place to seek some as Saturday Thoughts and Saturday Motivation have started trending on Twitter. People are sharing positive quotes and messages to begin the day. Throughout the day we will try and keep you covered with all the important trends of the day. So stay tuned with us for the latest funny memes, viral videos and interesting piece of news.

It is the festive vibe all over India as Diwali is one festival which is marked in all states, although the traditions and rituals may differ. Everyone is enthusiastically prepared to meet their friends, family and relatives. Along with the festival of Diwali, another observance that isn't too far is the Halloween. October 26 this marks the celebration of National Trick or Treat Day. It is a fun holiday, related to the Halloween traditions. So if these things trend online we will keep you updated.

The internet is a wonderful place when it comes to gathering all news and trends around the world. Funny memes, viral videos or bizarre discoveries they can never remain in one part of the world. With the reach of the internet, one cannot even predict what will go viral. So stay tuned with as we will try to get you all the trending topics, viral videos and funny memes of the day in one place. We wish you have a great weekend!