Prince George and Princess Charlotte joined the royals at Sandringham's Christmas Day church service for the first time with parents Kate and William. Kensington Palace took to Twitter to share the Christmas Day moment.View Pic:

People in Australia are sending much love to the firefighters who are sacrificing their holidays to battle with the ongoing bush fire crisis happening across the country.Check Tweets:

A bus driver in Milwaukee, United States reunited a pair of lost dogs with their owners. Jamie Grabowski spotted two dogs running down the street as she approached the end of her shift. She called the dogs inside the bus and played with them, until the cops arrived. The doggos were taken to the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission and later reunited with their owners.Watch Video:

People in Mumbai are witnessing rainfall at this time of the year. As shocking as it is, people are taking to Twitter to express their joy as Christmas brings in rain this time. #MumbaiRains are going viral accompanied by several tweets.Check Tweets:

An adorable video of a pair of golden retrievers kissing under the mistletoe is melting hearts online. The 10-month-old pups Bacardi and Isla, passionately kissing each other were filmed getting into the Christmas spirit.Watch Video:

A spine-chilling moment surfaced on the internet-- a tiger pouncing upon a 7-year-old boy. Before your jaw drops, let us tell you that tiger was in his enclosed area. The kid was posing for camera against the glass of wall of the enclosed area. And the animal pounced upon the glass to attack the little boy.Watch Video:

People have taken to Twitter, sharing surprise homecoming moments of families. The videos of netizens surprising their families for Christmas melt everyone's hearts.Check Tweets:

A woman sarcastically called condom packets as Maggi masala packets, but people on the internet did not get the fun and started trolling her. Her tweet is now going viral. Watch the viral tweet here:

A new video of Jingle Bells has traditional musical instruments to recreate the tune. A girl clad in Nauvari saree is seen playing the tune on Saxophone, with some Dhol and Tasha music in the background. The video has been doing the rounds on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter, quickly going viral.Watch Video of Puneri Version of Jingle Bells Song:

The video has been shared on Twitter and people are loving the twist. Check some of the tweets appreciating it.

Britain's Royal Palace has shared a new picture to celebrate the Christmas spirit. The picture has The Duke of Cambridge, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis at Norfolk.View Pic Here:

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It is December 25th! We finally made it to Christmas and how. Since last night, ‘Christmas’ has been trending on social media with people sharing their last-minute preparations and Christmas Eve celebrations. Besides, the Jewish Festival of Lights, Hanukkah has also begun! We know, how insanely the holiday season is upon us. And depending on the celebrations, social media users are going to flood their timeline with festive cheers. Like every day, we will update the blog with all the trending topics, viral videos and funny that netizens are sharing today, on December 25, 2019.

NORAD tracked Santa Claus’ ride on Christmas Eve. Each stop he made across the world, was tracked and reported on its official website and via Twitter as well. Since it is Christmas Day today, we naturally expect more memories to fill in on social media. Because, why not! Aside from all the festive moments, we will surely be getting more updates on everything that gets major views making it to the viral world. In this article, we keep updating everything that is happening across. And since it’s also the last days of 2019, we only hope for good moments to surface.

If you are a social media addict or crave for viral moments, like us, stay in tune with us. We will keep on updating all the videos, funny memes and viral content on this blog that the netizens are sharing on social media.