If you are going to buy a car you'd be expecting to be surrounded by the staffers surrounding you, asking questions what kinda car you want, what you expect and how's the use going to be and what not. Definitely not a dog as a part of the team. But a certain Hyundai agency has hired a stray dog as a part of their team after the pooch sat outside their showroom regularly. Pictures of the dog being hired and even given a company ID card have been shared on Facebook and are going viral. Everyone is loving the gesture and a few have joked that even a dog has got a better job than them. Viral Vogue Challenge Gets a Cute Spin From Pet Owners, Start 'Dogue' Trend With Pics of Their Dogs Gracing The Magazine Cover (Check Awwdorable Pics).

It is unclear where the incident is from but it is indeed cute to see the officials being so accommodating of the new member. The pictures show the pooch sitting right outside the door. After it started coming in regularly, the company decided to 'hire' him as a team member! The door on the showroom has also posted a note that reads, "Hyundai loves Pets". Their sweet gesture of accommodating the pooch as a part of their team has been loved by people on the internet. Many have appreciated their move and the pictures are now going viral. Missing Dog Walks Into Police Station to Report Himself and Then Returns Home, 'Good Boy' Impresses Netizens.

Check The Viral Post Here:

What a cute professional or should we say 'paw-fessional?' The way he sits with wearing his ID card looks like he is definitely taking his job seriously! A lot of people have commented on the post that at least the dog has a better job than them. One user wrote, "Got a job more party than me". Another comment read, "Even a dog has a better job than me." One person joked that he would try this outside Ferrari showroom now. Others have appreciated the company for their wonderful gesture. Well, what's more, impressive is they haven't just let him stay but made him a part of them now. Really need more such compassionate people in the world!


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