Tweet Asking 'Things You Can Say During During Both Cricket and Sex' Goes Viral With Funniest Responses
Things you can say during sex and cricket (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Twitter is a fun platform to be and sees very creative trends every few days. Sometimes a simple tweet can go viral with more people responding, if it's interesting enough. So when a Twitter account asked users about things they can say during both cricket and sex, the responses got wild on the field, get it? Sportsbet, an Australian online betting website posed this question on their official Twitter account and it soon went viral. Needless to say, the creativity of the netizens was seen in the responses. From "fine leg" to "run out", these replies will definitely make you LOL!

Twitter has these fun trends and tweets going viral every few days. A few days ago, someone also to comment about their sex life using GIFs and the responses were again too funny. Sportsbet tweeted about two days, "Reply with something you can say during both cricket and sex," and Twitterati got to their head-scratching. Every cricket lover knows the details and technical terms of the game. but would they go perfectly if used in bed? Well, yes! Check out some of the funny responses. 'Lord of Onion Rings' to 'Sex Toy Story', Fun Twitter Trend Has People Adding One Extra Word to Popular Movie Titles.

Here's The Tweet:

That's a Shot!

Fine Reply!

Need the Covers!

Where's The Helmet?

No Action

Timing is Important

Long Innings!

Off With a Great Start

Some people even gave the Hindi commentary replies which added more fun to this game. As you can see, the responses got pretty wild. Did you also think of some while you read the ones above? Then do share them with us in the comments section.