World Emoji Day 2018: 5 Useless Emojis That Make Us Wonder Whether Anyone Uses Them
July 17 is being celebrated as World Emoji Day.

Hasn't the 'face with tears of joy' emoji helped us get through too many awkward conversations? Who doesn't love " 😂" this guy? Good news! It also made it to the top in Apple's list of most used emojis released in 2017. But why are we talking of it today? Well, it's World Emoji Day 2018 and we were thinking what we would do without emojis. Though, some, like the red heart, the tears of joy, smiley face and cry face have been really useful in our conversations on social media, there are also a bunch of emojis that we just look at and wonder about their overall existence.

So after digging up the emoji list on the phone, we have a list of seven emojis that doesn't really make any sense. Not sure if anyone ever used them, and if they did, what for?

Floppy Disk Emoji 💾

(Photo Credits: KissPNG)

Who is using the floppy disk emoji in 2018? We are practically living with a generation today who probably doesn't even know what a floppy disk is. It has been obsolete long ago and would rarely ever be used in a social media conversation today.

Rice Cracker Emoji 🍘

(Photo Credits: KissPNG)

Rice cracker is a Japanese dish. Who is going to use this emoji though? The emoji doesn't even clearly resembles a rice cracker and you wouldn't know what the emoji stands for unless you look really closely. To use it in daily conversations seems unreal.

Atom Symbol Emoji⚛️

(Photo Credits: KissPNG)

Am not sure if even science geeks are using this one in their conversations. In fact, at the first place, it is difficult to even find this emoji in the emoji list. Unless you take a good hard look at the symbols emojis section, you won't be able to spot this one.

Lock with Pen Emoji 🔏

(Photo Credits: KissPNG)

There is a lock and a pen in this emoji. It probably is an implication of secure digital signing. But the meaning isn't clear and so very unlikely that people will actually ever need to use it.

Wind Bell Emoji 🎐

(Photo Credits: KissPNG)

Though a popular decoration in Japan, the wind bell emoji is one of the least noticeable and useful emojis. It finds a place in the objects section in the emoji list and one doesn't really know what to ever use them for.

These five emojis and some others may not be of any use to us but we can not deny that the number of useful emojis are way to high. We can express almost everything using them, and sometimes we don't even need to type words. And it would be really hard to now imagine a world sans emoji because they have become an indispensible part of our daily lives.