125/8 (20.0 ov)SL
NZ 88/10 (16.0 ov)
CRR: 5.5 | Sri Lanka beat New Zealand by 37 runs

SL beat NZ by 37 runs | Sri Lanka vs New Zealand, Highlights And Cricket Score 3rd T20I Match

New Zealand in Sri Lanka, 3 T20I Series, 2019

Date: Sep 06, 2019 Start Time: 19:00 IST | 13:30 GMT | 19:00 Local
Venue: Pallekele International Cricket Stadium, Kandy

Sri Lanka vs New Zealand Highlights And Cricket Score 3rd Match - T20I Summary

End of Over : 16.0 NZ: 88/10

Right then. That ends the series and the tour. New Zealand will take yet another good earnings from this one, losing the first and final matches of the tour - the opening Test and the final T20I. In between, they won a Test and 2 T20Is, so overall, it has been a good outing for them. The Lankans too, will not mind the series too much, trusting their young guys to deliver and they did. Only consistency is an issue. Can they build on this learning and be a bit more consistent in future? Only time will tell. For now, we take a break and we shall be back when the next series arrives. You can enjoy the Ashes and the Bangladesh-Afghanistan contests till then. ADIOS! TAKE CARE!

Victorious New Zealand captain, Tim Southee, says that he was captaining a young side and it fell under pressure in this game. Praises Sri Lanka but is happy to have won the series overall. On Malinga, Southee calls him a class bowler and admits that there was nothing much any batsman could do. On the last-wicket stand threatening to spoil Malinga's party, Southee says that it was nice to have some fun but then credits Sri Lanka for keeping it tight. On the series and tour overall, Tim says that he enjoyed captaining this side, enjoyed the reception by the Lankans and also adds that there was plenty to learn from.

Now, Malinga is called for a chat. Seems a little disappointed on the series result but stresses that the Lankans always tried their best. However, it did not come nicely in the first two games but here it came. Dedicates this to the fans in the stadium and everywhere else. On his 4-ball wicket saga, Malinga says that he just kept it simple, targetting the stumps. On captaincy and leading the bowling pressures, Lasith says that there is no such pressure and he only wants to share his experience with the younger members and give them as much opportunity as he can, supporting everyone. Thanks the New Zealand Cricket Board and players for agreeing to come to tour in spite of the off-field incidents. Then, thanks the supporters for believing in the team and urges them to continue being with his side.



Time for the presentation now...

Roshan Abeysinghe takes the interview of Kusal Perera. The latter feels that they did tremdously well to win the game. Calls Malinga a legend. Says he uses the pace well and bowls superb line and length. On being asked about his role in the Malinga hat-trick, prompting his skipper to take the LBW review against Hamish Rutherford, Kusal says that he sees everything from behind the wickets and knows what is going to come from Malinga's hand. Adds that according to him, Rutherford looked to be plumb and hence he asked his skipper to go for the review.

An innings which has only 3 batsmen in double figures, 8 in single digits and 4 of those being one-ballers, does not have much to say. It was perhaps beginning to be a night to remember as the Kiwis inched towards a series whitewash, but in the span of 30 minutes, it has become a night to forget for the visiting side.

That over - 0, 0, W, W, W, W - literally broke the back of the Kiwis and they could never recover after that. Malinga then came back to pick up his fifth wicket to end with his best figures in T20Is. His first wicket in this game was also his 100th in this format. The other bowlers were barely required but Akila Dananjaya impressed with a couple of scalps.

A drubbing. Victory by 37 runs after making just 125. JUST. Not many would have given Sri Lanka a chance at the halfway stage but after Slinga Malinga's second over, no one gave New Zealand any more chance.

15.6 W

Lakshan Sandakan to Seth Rance. OUT! Game over! What a terrific bowling effort from the hosts. A flighted ball on middle, Rance looks to sweep but fails to get bat on ball. He is hit flush on the pads. The Lankans appeal and the umpire agrees to end the New Zealand innings. Rance looks for a review but then he is informed that there is none left for New Zealand. Would not have mattered. Hawk Eye shows the impact to be umpire's call, around off and clipping the off stump, again, on umpire's call. The 36-run stand would've given the Lankan fans some worry. Rance should've tried to negotiate the ball and get Southee on strike but he went for the sweep to confirm the eventual.

15.5 0

Lakshan Sandakan to Seth Rance. Full ball, worked towards mid-wicket.

15.4 0

Lakshan Sandakan to Seth Rance. Beats the bat this time. Bowls a quicker one outside off. Rance looks to push at the ball but misses.

15.3 1

Lakshan Sandakan to Tim Southee. Shortish ball, tapped towards point for a single.

15.2 0

Lakshan Sandakan to Tim Southee. NOT OUT! The verdict arrives, finally. That looked close but the back leg is down in time. Full ball, outside off, Southee looked to reverse sweep but couldn't get bat on it. Kusal Perera collected and whipped off the bails and appealed. It was referred upstairs but replays confirmed that Southee was safe.

15.1 0

Lakshan Sandakan to Tim Southee. Some football skills from Southee this time. Flatter ball around off, Southee looks to cut but gets an inside edge. The ball rolls towards the stumps but Southee is aware of it and kicks to ball away towards point.

End of Over : 15 4 Runs 16.0: 87/9
14.6 0

Wanindu Hasaranga to Seth Rance. Defended off the front foot by the batsman presenting the full face of the bat.

14.5 1

Wanindu Hasaranga to Tim Southee. Loopy ball on middle, Southee goes for the heave but mistimes it. The ball goes wide of the long on fielder. They take a run.

14.4 1

Wanindu Hasaranga to Seth Rance. And again. Another inside edge which misses the timber and goes to fine leg. They pick up a single this time.

14.3 2

Wanindu Hasaranga to Seth Rance. Almost a wicket! Fuller ball, Rance looks to drive this through covers but gets an inside edge which passes the stump and goes towards fine leg for a couple.

14.2 0

Wanindu Hasaranga to Seth Rance. Quicker one again, blocks awkwardly off the back foot.

14.1 0

Wanindu Hasaranga to Seth Rance. Flatter one and a quick one. Looks to work it down the leg side but misses to hit on the stumps.

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New Zealand in Sri Lanka 3 T20I Series 2019 - News

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