WWE Raw Nov 4, 2019 Results and Highlights: Rey Mysterio Attacks Brock Lesnar and Challenges Him for Title Match, Seth Rollins Confronted by NXT Roster & Triple H (Watch Videos)
WWE Raw Nov 4, 2019 (Photo Credits: Twitter / Facebook / WWE / Brock Lesnar)

WWE Raw Nov 4, 2019 episode saw Brock Lesnar getting attacked by Rey Mysterio when The Beast Incarnate was out to hunt him down. Last week on SmackDown, Lesnar moved from the Blue Brand to search for Rey Mysterio after getting attacked by chair shots in the recently-concluded pay per view event WWE Crown Jewel 2019. Lesnar successfully defended his WWE Championship against Cain Velasques at Crown Jewel 2019. Rey Mysterio has also challenged Lesnar for the title match. Apart from that, we saw Seth Rollins getting confronted by NXT Roster and Triple H. Let us see what went down in this past episode of Monday Night Raw, with results and highlights. WWE Crown Jewel 2019 Results and Highlights: The Fiend Bray Wyatt Becomes New Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar Demolishes Cain Velasquez (View Pics & Videos)

Seth Rollins challenged NXT Champion Adam Cole for the title match, however, it ended in disqualification. Seth Rollins, at the end of the show, was offered to fight for NXT roster by Triple H. The BeastSlayer lost Universal Title to SmackDown Bray Wyatt, and Triple H has given him an offer to reboot his career with a fresh start at NXT. He could use Survivor Series as a platform to redefine his career. Triple H ended with this statement to Rollins: "You are either with me or against me."Seth Rollins did not say anything, and moments later, a brawl broke out between Raw and NXT superstars. Fiend Bray Wyatt Reveals His Customised Universal Championship Belt After Emerging Victorious Over Seth Rollins at WWE Crown Jewel 2019 (View Pic & Video)

Some of the other interesting matches from Raw Nov 4, 2019 episode were Charlotte Flair and Natalya match against Kabuki Warriors, Rusev vs Drew McIntyre match and Becky Lynch vs NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler showdown in a face to face interview. We also saw The OC defeat Humberto Carrillo and The Street Profits. Carrillo failed to win the United States Title against AJ Styles at Crown Jewel, 2019. Raw Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders defeated The East Hampton Polo Boys.

Rusev Challenges Bobby Lashley

Triple H Gives Seth Rollins an Ultimatum

Brock Lesnar Gets Attacked By Rey Mysterio 

Rey Mysterio Challenges Brock Lesnar for Survivor Series

Adam Cole vs. Seth Rollins – NXT Championship Match

Humberto Carrillo & The Street Profits vs. The O.C.

Rusev vs. Drew McIntyre

Charlotte Flair & Natalya Won Their Second Match in a Row 

Shayna Baszler Interrupts Becky Lynch’s Interview

Now Brock Lesnar is officially on Raw and will most probably face Rey Mysterio for the title match at Survivor Series scheduled to take place on Nov 24, 2019. Now with Seth Rollins out of Universal title picture, it will be interesting to see who will be The Fiend Bray Wyatt's next opponent from SmackDown to challenge him for the championship match.