Best Five Editing Applications to Create Quick Pictures and Videos to Share on Social Media
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New Delhi, March 9: From people having to manually develop and edit film-reels to now shooting and editing photos and videos with the flick of some buttons on a smartphone, life has indeed changed. In this millennial generation where Facebook photos are aimed to make your parents think you're doing fine, or Instagram posts to create an illusion that your life is 'picture-perfect', image and video editing apps have become social media necessity. If you are on the hunt for an amazing editing app, here is a scoop on our top five favourites:

  1. Snapchat:  To help your posts stand out and make people swoon over your editing skills, Snapchat can be a great choice! The app is intuitive to use - just swipe left and right to change filters on your photos and videos.If you are a selfie junkie, the app will not let you down with its interesting face filters and funky stickers. While it may be perceived to 'ruin' pictures by some, you can also draw and doodle on your photos and videos using Snapchat's pen tool to better express emotion in your capture. Snapchat lets its users add different filters, texts, emoticons and cool in-built stickers to their videos and photos and take their social media-game to the next level.
  2. Roposo:  If you like jazzing up your pictures and videos with cool artworks, Roposo will become your ultimate go-to app! As far as mobile apps are concerned, Roposo has it all- a great camera, amazing filters and editing tools, and options for social media sharing that allow you to instantly publish your pictures on other social media channels.Get creative by clicking gorgeous pictures and creating fun videos with a variety of effects like time-lapse and slow-mo and add texts and hash tags in cool fonts. What we absolutely love about Roposo are the fun and unique filters that can spice up any picture.Full of cute and funky #trulyswadeshi stickers, Roposo will definitely make it to the top of your list.
  3. VSCO: If you use your phone to click, edit and share gorgeous-looking photos, you probably would have heard about VSCO. The app allows its users to capture and edit RAW files, edit GIFs, and videos and offers a variety of presets, both free and paid, that allow them to revamp their pictures in no time! Users can access app basic DSLR functions on the app- adjust white, balance, ISO and even shutter speed. Don't understand these features? No problem, VSCO suits the needs of professional and amateur photographers and produces astounding results!
  4. Prisma: Got a selfie or a picture of the sunset? Tell us how exactly is it different from the thousand others that are being shared on social media every day. Distinctive, creative, and fun- pictures edited in Prisma can be easily recognized because of its unique filters that stand out from all others which make the app an instant smartphone-hit. The biggest advantage with Prisma is its flexibility- you can choose images from your phone gallery or click fresh pictures using the applications built-in camera.
  5. Canva:  You need an awful lot of patience to produce masterpiece photos and videos with perfectly written and placed typography, but it helps if you have an app like Canva. The app is less about image editing and more about adding graphics and textual overlays to make your photos and videos unlike any other. Transform any standard-looking photo into a professional masterpiece using Canva. The app's drag-and-drop tools, along with its multiple fonts, layouts, and editing styles makes it easy for the users to create stunning designs from scratch. Give your pictures and videos a new look altogether with these editing apps and nail the perfect look before your competitors do. Are you game?