Facebook-owned WhatsApp is slowly becoming prone to hacking. In the past, we have heard a lot of WhatsApp Hacking cases where it affected users' security and their privacy. Now, a new hacking method on WhatsApp has come up in which hackers use image filters. As per a report, a security firm has confirmed that a WhatsApp image filter bug has harmed the users. This bug allowed the hackers to access the personal information of the users. WhatsApp Working on Redesigned Chat Bubbles for iOS Devices: Report.

As per researchers Gal Elbaz and Dikla Barda, when a user applied a WhatsApp filter, the hacker used this chance to get access to WhatsApp memory which can contain important data. According to CheckPoint Research, the Facebook-owned company has fixed an 'out of bounds, read-write vulnerability' that could have allowed hackers to read important information from WhatsApp memory.

This bug sought help from WhatsApp image filters to send a spiteful crafted image leading to a bad effect on the users and allowing hackers to access their accounts and read information from WhatsApp memory. As per the security firm, this flaw was revealed to WhatsApp on November 10, 2020. WhatsApp later acknowledged it and a fix was issued in version update which was rolled out in January this year.

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