Google Launches Gmail Go for Android Go Phone, Move to Help Low RAM Smartphone Users in India
Representative Image: (Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Google has come up with a good news for all smartphone users with below 1GB RAM in India. Google has launched a lighter version of the Gmail application called the Gmail Go. It is designed specifically for the Android Go phone users and will be available for download from Google Play Store. This lighter version of the regular Gmail app which is named Gmail Go, is presently available only for the web users.

Google is trying to make Android Go phones a reality in India. The plan is to bring 1GB RAM phones with Android Go for which Google is already working with several smartphone manufacturers in India. Android Go is an operating system designed for entry-level devices. Android Go OS is aimed at smartphones with 1GB of RAM or lower and it comes with a re-worked set of apps such as Google Go, YouTube Go, and Gmail Go. These Go applications have been designed for phones with low memory and storage space, similar to Gmail Go.

Gmail Go APK size is much smaller, around 9.51MB, compared to the original Gmail app which is as big as 20.66MB. This is what makes the Gmail Go work smoothly on the Android Go phone size despite its smaller memory. Android Police reported that the size of app is 24.80MB compared to 47.28MB for the regular app. This makes Gmail Go almost half in size than the regular Gmail app which is in use for past many years.

The Gmail Go app has a feature that can block spam even before it enters your inbox. Gmail Go also comes with 15GB of free storage, which will help save time by not having to delete earlier mails to accommodate new mails. Gmail Go also allows to set up multiple accounts, so that you set up both Gmail and non-Gmail addresses --, Yahoo Mail, or other IMAP/POP email.