Artificial intelligence is empowering mobile app development company when it comes to provide advanced app solutions to businesses and enabling mobile apps to work incredibly.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has already started transforming mobile app development a few years back when-

Huawei launched their Meta series and claimed to be the first company to insert a Neural Engine into their smartphones, which they called Kirin processor/970 chipset with ‘built-in AI’. At that time they claimed that this software could process up to 2000 images every minute.

Apple, which also developed such AI-based microprocessors, opened up their A12 'Bionic AI chip' which is designed to perform AI tasks more efficiently. Apple used this AI chip in their iPhone 8, 8X, and 8 Plus.

And Google surprised the world by introducing an AI-based music recognition feature in their Pixel 3 smartphone that helps users find out what music is playing near them, along with more AI-based features like ‘call screener’.

eSearch Logix, a leading mobile app development company in India, uses AI in developing mobile apps for their global clients. We thought about how AI-powered mobile apps helping their clients grow business revenue and enhance customer base; we studied and analyzed eSearch Logix’s app development methodology and AI technologies they use to provide business solutions.

And we got impressed with the facts and the results which they shared with us.

However, we all know that artificial intelligence is changing every industry. Today, AI and ML are seen as part of the everyday life of large organizations in various sectors.

As modern consumers are more relying on using mobile apps for multiple purposes such as online shopping, discovering products, searching up to date information, etc., companies are focusing on developing better mobile applications that directly solve their customer's needs and problems.

AI is widely used with ML in developing some unique features for mobile applications. There are many features of AI such as Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Predictive Analysis, AI-powered cameras, image editing, and more that help app developers to build innovative mobile applications.

AI and ML both are complex technology yet they enable mobile app work simpler

So the question arises how AI empowers mobile app development that gives highly successful business solutions?

When we asked this question to Alekh Verma, CEO & Founder of eSearch Logix, he said, "AI has significantly impacted software engineering and mobile app development in the present time. With AI, our developers and technologists can build mobile apps with generalized human cognitive abilities.

It means when AI is mixed with mobile app, it can solve and find solutions without any human intervention. And this is what we need to offer our clients who are looking for a mobile app that helps them collecting valuable customer information and provide improved user experience to their customers”. 

We asked eSearch Logix about their internal app development strategy and AI technologies they use in mobile app development. One of their senior developers explained to us that they use AI to develop different features in mobile apps which benefit businesses to achieve better results in the following way:

  1. Neural Networks: This is Machine Learning (ML), which is a part of AI. We use ML to create a feature in a mobile app that needs an automatic check reader, automatic voice recognition, automatic face recognition, and signature authentication system for industries like automotive, aerospace, finance, and real estate.
  2. Understand Customer Behavior Pattern: When ML and NLP (Natural Language Processing) are combined; it allows us to develop a system in the app that offers a realistic interaction based on the users' likes and replies. We heavily rely on this technology to develop chatbots, social messaging apps, live video streaming apps, and so on.
  3. Conversational UI: This is one of the great AI features that offers the freedom of interacting with mobile apps on human terms. We integrate this AI technology in management and financial apps that help companies to handle their customers more interactively like human conversation.
  4. Automated Reasoning: This AI feature enables us to improve the performance as well as the productivity of mobile apps. We use it in building Taxi/Cab Booking Apps because they need automated reasoning to get the nearest route to drop the users to their selected destination faster. UBER, also uses this feature to collect data from all the cab drivers who have taken trips to similar routes and familiar with the trips.
  5. Completing Repeated Tasks Rapidly: There are some tasks that are repeated many times at the job. For humans, doing the same thing again and again may kill their creativity and waste time, when using AI in mobile apps for completing repeated tasks saves valuable time. We use this feature in enterprise app development.
  6. Accuracy and Perfection: There are mobile apps that need to provide speedy outputs with great accuracy and perfection such as educational apps, learning apps, investment apps, etc. With AI, it ensures our app won't make a small numerical error in results.

This is truly impressive, isn't it?

eSearch Logix helped us to understand how AI plays an important role in mobile app development when it comes to providing better business solutions.

By analyzing their methodology of using AI features in mobile apps, we concluded that artificial intelligence empowering mobile app development companies to help businesses provide enhanced user experience, and ultimately grow business scale.

About eSearch Logix 

eSearch Logix is a renowned mobile app development company in India which provides a broad range of app development services to businesses worldwide. The company holds over a decade of experience in the IT industry having over 800 global clients and 153+ delivered app projects. They are specialized in developing custom mobile apps for multiple industries inducing healthcare.