Millennials Are Deleting Facebook! 44 Percent of Youngsters Have Already Quit The Social Media Platform, Finds Pew Study
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Millennials are no more interested in the Facebook app, according to a Pew Research. The social media giant has lost a significant amount of users over the past year after their Cambridge Analytica scandal broke out. According to the survey, among users sampled for the survey (aged 18 and above), 42 per cent users have taken a break from using Facebook in the past several weeks or more. While 54 per cent of those above 18 have adjusted their privacy settings and 26 per cent have deleted the Facebook app from their smartphone. And among 74 per cent of Facebook users, one of these actions were taken in the past one year.

The survey was conducted between May 29th and June 11 when the Facebook scandal was still fresh in the minds of people. While mistrust towards Facebook grew globally among users, it is interesting how more of millennials deleted their accounts than compared to the older generation. Facebook Usage Among Teens is Reduced, Thanks to YouTube, Instagram And Snapchat. 

Pew also found that 42 per cent of Facebook users have tried to moderate their time spent on Facebook. It also includes those who have taken long breaks from the social media platform. The prime data found out was that one in four users claim to have actually deleted the Facebook app from their phone. According to the reports, Facebook let their former consulting firm Cambridge Analytica use millions of their users' data without their knowledge, to influence their political opinion.

Facebook had faced massive backlash after their scandal came to light. Bigwig like Elon Musk had deleted his page and those of his companies SpaceX and Tesla. Playboy Magazine also informed that they were stepping down from Facebook. Other celebrities who quit Facebook includes Bollywood actor Farhan Akhtar, Hollywood actor Jim Carrey, American singer Cher, comedian Will Ferrell among others who deleted their Facebook accounts.