Divers Encounter Giant Squid on New Zealand Beach and The Pics Are Creepy!
The giant squid on New Zealand beach (Photo credits: Facebook/OCEAN HUNTER Spearfishing & Freediving Specialists)

We have seen some exotic marine life but most likely on the TV screens, in special documentaries. Some creatures can be quiet creepy on actual appearance as seen by some divers in New Zealand recently. A trio of divers was shocked to find a creepy monster washed ashore on the south coast of Wellington. A 13-feet giant squid had washed up on the beach and it sure looks creepy at sight with its massive tentacles. The divers were headed for a swim and probably some spearfishing when they were greeted by this giant dead squid. Earlier this month, a 10-feet squid was seen on Oregon beach. 

Squids are known to be living deep in the oceans but some of them have been caught before due to the fishing nets. Although a full giant squid very rarely makes it to the shore. So when a 4.2 meters long one lay on the beach, it was rare. The pictures of this squid have been shared on social media and the divers look like dwarfs in front of the giant fish! So you know how big these creatures are. Dead Baby Blue Whale Washes Ashore on Kamakura Beach in Japan. 

Take a look at the pictures of the Giant Squid found on New Zealand shore:

Scientists know very little of these deep sea creatures. Most of the observations have been made over the occasional specimens that have washed up on the shore. To spot a live squid is also a very rare sight, only one such was caught on camera in the year 2004. There are two types of squids, the colossal one can go upto 46 feet! this one was a giant squid and sure looks a creepy monster.