Flying Fish in Utah! Thousands of Trouts Dropped From Airplane Into Lake For 'Stocking Up,' Watch Video!
Fish being dropped in Utah Lake from an airplane (Photo credits: Video grab)

Flying fish? Ever thought of witnessing that other than in imagination? Well, if you happen to be in Utah then you'd very well get to see fishes in the sky. No, we are not kidding. Fishes are actually being 'stocked up' in lakes using airways! About thousands of trout fishes were transported to Utah's mountain lakes by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, so that they would available in stocks for the fishing populace here. A video of these fishing being released into the water from the air was shared on social media and since then viewers have diverse reactions. Kuwait Store Sticks Googly Eyes on Fish to Make Them Look Fresh; Police Shuts Their Supply, View Pics. 

Utah's mountain lakes are in remote areas and it is tedious to transport fish here by road. So an easier and faster way is to airdrop these fishes. The practice has been adopted recently and it is called as 'extreme fish stocking.' The video shared online shows fish being dropped from the bottom hole of a plane as it flew over the lake. And these are not a few fishes but thousands of trout that are being transported to stock up, before the lakes go fishless. Fish With Pigeon Head Found in China, Watch Video of The Weird Looking Mutant Species! 

Take a look at the video of fish being released from air into the water:

Look carefully and you can almost see the fish landing in the waters:

Fishing is a very common practice for the locals, so one of the locals also joked on the video. He wrote, "Can I get the scheduled drops. So I can be ready with a net. Probably the only way I might catch a fish." Other people online expressed concern whether it is safe and don't the fishes end up dead with the pressure. But as the authorities explained, these fishes are very tiny so they can survive the fall. Trouts are known to be high on such adrenaline activities. But who would have thought, they would take the air route and go all skydiving into the mountain waters.