How Does Earth Look From The Space? These Live Streaming and Time Lapse Videos From ISS Will Leave You Spellbound
How does earth look from the space? (Photo Credits: YouTube grab)

Are you keen enthusiast about life outside our planet Earth? Do space and the other objects out there really fancy you? A trip to space is definitely not in our budgets or not even possible for common people, but at least you can get a glimpse of how beautiful the earth and the outer space is, thanks to the data provided by the International Space Station. Time and again ISS gives us images and videos of how the earth looks like from the space. And thanks to the developed technology we can now have live access to how the earth look like from the space. There are several videos on YouTube which live stream from the ISS, along with a time lapse from the space to the earth. NASA also has its live streaming video ongoing to show us our beautiful planet. Check Where Exactly is Elon Musk's Red Tesla Roadster in Space With the Help of

We all studied about the earth as a giant blue ball, covered with close to 3/4th os its surface with water. But how much ever pictures we see of the planet, nothing can really match how it looks in real from space. So several channels do the live-streaming of how the planet looks from outside. Astronauts and space researchers are really lucky to get a glimpse of the outside world. But life in space is not at all comfortable, given our bodies are conditioned to function on earth. How do Astronauts Pee and Poop in Space? NASA Astronaut Reveals The Misery of Spaceship Toilets.

Watch NASA Live Streaming of The Earth From International Space Station

If you want to see how the journey from space to the earth will look like, then there are certain time-lapse videos too which give a peek into the space journey.

Watch Video of Time Lapse of The Earth From Space

The ISS live also gives breathtaking images of the planet from the space. At night, when it gets dark and only the lights are visible, it makes for a beautiful sight once again. Images from ISS are compiled to give a display of our beautiful planet.

Watch Video of Beautiful Earth Visible From The ISS

There are many other videos which are made to show what is our planet like but if you want to check the live status then these video channels will do the needful. It is unfortunate that we all cannot experience something like this from outside, but now that we have the sources to watch it within our bedrooms or comfort spaces, why not?