Have you always been curious about other planets visibility in the sky, or just observing the stars into the night sky. Then right now is a good opportunity to watch the red planet into the night sky very clearly. Mars is visible into the sky these days and it will be closest to the Earth on October 13. According to NASA, the red planet is easily visible from midnight onwards in the ongoing month of October. Until the next two days, when it will be the closest, we tell you how you can watch Mars easily in the night sky. At the early start of this month, Mars came closer to the Moon.

On the night of October 6, Mars made its closest approach to the Earth but in two days, it will be the brightest as the red planet comes in direct opposition to the Earth from the sun. Following the night of October 6, many stargazers shared pictures of the red planet shining visibly into the night sky. Photos of Mars in sky were trending online. If you have missed out on the photo-op then you still have the next two days.

Mars is one of the closest planets in our galaxy which can be observed in the night sky from time to time. But this year's appearance in October is special because Mars will be the closest towards the Earth than in the next 15 years. During its rotation around the sun, the red planet will be nearest to the Sun at the point of Perihelion. It means the planet will directly opposite to the Sun and Earth will be in the middle of the two. On October 13, Mars will also be at its maximum apparent size when viewed through telescopes.

How to Watch Mars in Night Sky?

You really do not need any special equipment to watch the red planet, as its orange glow makes it pretty evident from the other shining stars. Look towards the east in the night sky, a little after midnight. If you have access to a telescope or a telephoto lens then it can give a closer look. You can also download the sky mapping apps to trace the location of the Mars into the night sky.

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