Moon May Have Its Own Moon & Eventually Called a ‘Moonmoon;’ Funny Memes Already Surfaced on Social Media
Moon May Have Its Own Moon & Eventually Called a ‘Moonmoon' (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Have you ever wondered, if the moon had its own moon? Well, maybe not all of us, but stargazers sure have fascinated about the Earth’s natural satellite. And if at all there is, what would the other moon be called? Without fibbing around anymore, let us put it straight. According to two scientists, there is a possibility that moons could have their own moons and might eventually be called as moonmoon. Not to miss out, the report has interestingly inspired a whole wave of ‘moonmoon’ memes on social media. Scientists Try Cooking in -80 Degrees in Antarctica And The Pictures Are Gravity-Defying. 

It all began when a curious four-year-old in 2014 asked his mother, “Can moons have moons?” Just like any other parent, she went on hunting for an answer. According to Gizmodo, astronomer, Juna Kollmeier who works with the Carnegie Observatories in Pasadena, California, decided to research this topic. She teamed up with Sean Raymond at the University of Bordeaux in France. Kollmeier and Raymond explained on their paper, that none of our solar system’s planets has submoons, but is possible that our Earth’s moon may have had in the past. However, their study suggests that the small moon would have to be significantly small and the large moon to be enormous for the moonmoon to exist. Aliens Lived Underground on Mars Billions of Years Ago, Finds New Study. 

The paper has been published to ArXiv for feedback before final submission. Besides, scientists also pointed out that the two moons have to be “sufficiently far away from the host plant.” As they have explained about the presumed phenomena, netizens cannot control their creativity and soon ‘moonmoon’ jokes surfaced on Twitter.

Many soon pointed that it is not the first time, moonmoon memes have been a thing. It had been there in the past, although with a different meaning. ‘Moon Moon’ memes originated last year, when a Tumbler user Kitchiki posted a name generator called ‘Your Wolf Name?’ As Daily Dot explains, the chart states that if your initials are P.W., your wolf name would be ‘Moon Moon.’

Original Moon Moon meme!

That same meme now got a new meaning.

Both the researchers might be thinking why so many people are posting weird wolf memes on their discovery, but people are on fire with the moonmoon meme reinforcement. On the other hand, the pair’s short analysis has only scratched the surface, and Kollmeier hopes that it gets both little and big kids alike “psyched about submoons.”