Indore Tehsildar Punishes Vagrants For Flouting Lockdown Rules By Making Them Do Frog Jumps, Is Admonished After Viral Video

INDIA Team Latestly|

Efforts by an administration official in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, to impart a lesson about mask usage have gone completely astray. Cellphone videos from the spot showed the officer had made an occasion of it, not only gathering 20 or more wrongdoers, but also drummers, a policeman & sundry locals. People were told to proceed down a market road in a typical crouching gait used as a punishment for boys in village schools a long time ago. As the drummers struck up a tune & the procession progressed, it became clear that the need to maintain social distancing has not occurred to anyone, including the officer. The young men crouched close to each other as they moved. No one also pointed out the need to wear an N-95 mask or even a double surgical mask as doctors have advised in view of the mutant strains of coronavirus. Most of the men used cloth masks, a few had causally wrapped a folded handkerchief around their faces. District authorities have admonished the official, reported news agency PTI.

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