World's Largest Iceberg, ‘A-76’ Breaks Off Antarctica, It Is Nearly Three Times The Size Of New Delhi

WORLD Team Latestly|

An iceberg the size of the Spanish island of Majorca has broken off the coast of Antarctica, with measurements taken from satellites & planes confirming it's now the world's largest. Iceberg A-76 calved from the western side of the Ronne Ice Shelf in Antarctica & is now floating on the Weddell Sea, the European Space Agency said. It is dubbed as the largest iceberg in the world, A-76 measures around 4,320 sq km in size, three times the size of New Delhi, which is 1,484 sq km. The A-76 is 170 km in length and 25 km wide. The Antarctica ice sheet is warming faster than the rest of the planet, causing melting of snow and ice covers as well as the retreat of glaciers, especially around the Weddell Sea. As glaciers retreat, chunks of ice break off & float adrift until they break apart or crash into land. Watch the video to know more.

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