Brazillian Woman’s Thighs Blackened Into Rotten Flesh After Days of Torture by Husband for Black Magic Ritual to Ward Off Evil
Domestic abuse (Image used for representational purposes only Photo Credits: Pixabay)

In a horrific incident, a 31-year-old woman was allegedly imprisoned by her husband at home in Anapolis when she was subject to cruel domestic violence so much so that her legs had blackened with rotten flesh after her husband had allegedly beat her thighs repeatedly. The man would reportedly beat her under the pretext of "ceremonial acts to ward off evil spirits", as per reports by Dail Mail. Washington Ribeiro, her 30-year-old husband has also reportedly threatened her with 'human sacrifice.' Bihar: Tribal Woman Beaten to Death in Purnea For 'Practising Witchcraft.'

The woman has suffered from traumatic injuries after she was tortured for days by her husband which he believed were black magic rituals to ward off evil. The Brazilian police claimed to DM that the 31-year-old victim was kept a hostage in the family's house and was subjected to horrifying levels of violence. The mother-of-one has a daughter who too was subject horrific torture and was fed unknown stuff forcefully as per reports. While she managed to flee the property in Anapolis, central west Brazil, after her oppressor husband went to buy household supplies.