London, August 27: In the sharpest jump in last 11 weeks, the United Kingdom on Thursday recorded a spike of 1,522 new COVID-19 cases. The numbers are highest since June 12 - when the authorities had recorded 1,541 infections in a single day. The jump in daily count comes amid a warning issued by Prime Minister Boris Johnson of a possible second wave of the pandemic. Novavax Inc Expects to File for COVID-19 Vaccine Approval in the US by December 2020, Says CEO Stanley Erck.

The period of last 24 hours also saw the death toll accelerating as 12 more patients succumbed to the infection. As per the stats released by the UK government, the 12 persons who died of the lethal disease had tested positive within the last 28 days. With their demise, the cumulative death toll in the Britain due to coronavirus surged to 41,477.

The increase in per-day count of infections marks a concern as the Tory government is firm on opening up schools from next month. While 1,522 new COVID-19 cases were registered today, the preceding day saw 1,048 infections in a period of 24 hours.

The average per-day infections has been constantly increasing in August, signalling the onset of a second wave of the COVID-19 outbreak in the country. After recording a daily average of 540 cases in mid-July, the same increased to 1,138 per day on an average in third week of this month.

PM Johnson, following the tourism season that began in July, had warned of an imminent second wave across Europe including the UK as travellers returning from Spain, Portugal, Italy and other summer hotspots may return with the virus.

Researchers from the University College London and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) have warned the UK government of an impending crisis if the decision to reopen schools in September is implemented. The second wave could be deadlier than the first, they said, while also red-flagging the alleged laxity in the government's testing, tracing, and isolating strategy.

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