Colombo, January 20: A Sri Lankan minister was rushed to hospital after she consumed a 'magical portion' given by a self proclaimed holy man as a cure against coronavirus. Dhammika Bandara, a self styled god man has been claiming to possess a concoction that can prevent a person from being infected by COVID-19, as per reports. According to Bandara, Goddess Kali herself have the formula of the miracle syrup to him.

The claim has however proved to be a hoax after Piyal Nishantha de Silva, the Women and Child Development Minister of Sri Lanka, was rushed to the hospital after having the 'magical potion' and was diagnosed with COVID-19. The potion has proven to be extremely dangerous and landed people into medical emergencies. Coronavirus Can be Cured by Inhaling Hot Water Steam? PIB Fact Check Debunks Fake News.

The Sri Lankan government has clearly stated that it does not endorse any such potions and have advised citizens to refrain from consuming it. "Although some parliamentarians took it, the government does not endorse it," said Keheliya Rambukwella, the minister of mass media as reported by Wio News.Fact Check: Bananas Prevent Coronavirus Infection? Viral Video Claiming Australian Research Stated Bananas Can Help Prevent COVID-19 Is FAKE; Here’s the Truth.

As per reports, thousands of people in Sri Lanka, in a hope to safe themselves from COVID-19 by consuming the potion, had breached all the safety norms and social distancing restrictions by visiting Bandara's village last month.

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