US Passes Spending Package Worth USD 854 Billion to Avoid Government Shutdown
American Flag (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Washington, Sep 27: The US House of Representative passed a government spending package worth $854 billion in an effort to avoid a government shutdown next month. The package was passed on Wednesday by a margin of 361 to 61, reports CNBC News.

Although President Donald Trump raised the possibility of vetoing the legislation in recent weeks, he said "we're going to keep the government open", hours before Wednesday's vote.

The package funds the Defence Department and a few other pieces of the government while allotting money for the remainder of the government in a short-term package.

The Senate had already passed the spending legislation and funding lapses on Monday. Trump slammed the spending package because it did not include money for his proposed border wall. US Warns IMF Against Bailout Package for Pakistan to Repay Chinese Lenders.

Republican congressional leaders have opposed a shutdown because it could hurt party candidates only six weeks before midterm elections. Last week, Trump called the bill "ridiculous" and urged Republicans to "get tough", CNBC News said. Earlier this month, Trump said he would consider shutting down the government "because I think it's a great political issue".