Firozabad (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Sept 1: In a shocking incident, medical staff at the District Combined Hospital in Shikohabad here administered stitches to a road accident victim under a cell phone's flashlight due to unavailability of electricity."My father had gotten injured in a road accident so we brought him here. He was administered stitches under a phone's flashlight by the staff at the hospital. The doctor was not present in his room at the hospital when my father was brought here," Manoj Kumar, the patient's kin told ANI here on Saturday.The patient, an elderly man, was given stitches on his forehead by a medical staff while another stood holding the phone with its flashlight turned on. Upon being contacted, the on-duty doctor, Dr Abhishek, expressed his helplessness at the situation stating he would inform the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of the problem."Electricity might have not been available at the time in the hospital, that is why the treatment was given using the phone's flashlight. There is an inverter at the hospital but it might have gotten discharged, will inform the Chief Medical Officer about it," Dr Abhishek said. (ANI)

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