Elon Musk's electric car making company Tesla entered India earlier this week. On January 12, Tesla India Motors and Energy Private Ltd registered in Bengaluru. For car enthusiasts, it was a moment of pride to see the leading car maker set up its operations in the country. Some even welcomed Tesla India with funny memes on traffic on our roads. But a certain tweet to welcome Tesla India sparked a different set of rumours altogether. Tata Motors EV official Twitter account welcomed Tesla in India very cheekily with the song, "Aajkal tere mere pyaar ke charche". A lot of people thus anticipated an alliance between the Tata Motors and Tesla, however, it is not happening. Tata Motors denied of having any such partnership with Tesla in their latest statement.

All of this confusion started with a tweet by Tata Motors EV last night. The twitter handle of Tata Motors Electric Mobility tweeted, "Aajkal tere mere pyaar ke charche har akhbaar mein. Sab ko malum hai aur sab ko khabar ho gayi!" (There's talk of our love in the newspapers. Everyone has come to know about it). It is supposedly official but an unverified Twitter handle. The tweet is now deleted but it did not take long for people to analyse a possible partnership between the two car making majors. But Tata Motors denied any such plans. Tesla Finally Enters India: Here’s What We Know So Far About EV Maker’s Plan.

Here's The Tweet by Tata Motors EV:

Check Tata Motors Clarification Tweet:

Checks Tweets About Rumours 

However, the news of a partnership did benefit Tata as its shares soared right after. As per CNBC report, the Tata Motors' stock which has been rallying in the last couple of weeks, rallied more than six percent after the above cryptic tweet was made.

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