The world of cryptocurrencies is one that is increasingly popular with traders and investors. Having emerged from its initially shady and mysterious origins, Bitcoin and other such virtual currencies are now traded regularly and with vigour. The problem is that the market has expanded at such a rate that it is difficult to keep track of new cryptocurrencies and to be on top of which are performing and where your next investment should be made.

There are cryptocurrency investment tools that can help you keep track of what is a volatile and fast-moving market, so you don’t miss out on those prime deals. One of the tools that is getting a lot of attention is and in the following article we’ll have a closer look at it. What is Bitonyx and how will it help you?

What is Bitonyx?

Bitonyx is an automatic market tracking platform that is designed specifically to keep on top of changes in the cryptocurrency markets. It has met with praise with users and will certainly become more popular. Of course, Bitonyx is not the only such tool you can invest in, so what makes it the one you should use? Firstly, you may not be aware that there is a lot more to the cryptocurrency world than Bitcoin and the other big names. There are in fact more than 1500 cryptocurrencies. Many traders focus on the more established ones, yet there is plenty of money to be made in trading newer, younger or lesser-known cryptocurrencies.

Bitonyx can keep track of all the different currencies at once. Furthermore, where most automated tracking platforms use standard trading metrics, Bitonyx moves a step away and utilises cleverly devised Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) combined with Stochastic Process theory. For the layman, ANN is an advanced AI technique used in analysis, which the Stochastic Process has to do with random events and historical analysis. Put simply, these two methods make Bitonyx the platform that is not only the most accurate, but also far more secure than others from rival developers.

The platform has also launched its own utility token BTNYX. This is a promising instrument - its value has grown by more than 200% in the last week alone.

Do You Need Bitonyx?

The added security aspect of Bitonyx is a major benefit to traders, especially where trades are being made by AI analysis automatically. Bitonyx uses Machine Learning techniques to keep abreast of market trends and is constantly updating predictions and forecasts. For investors in cryptocurrencies this platform ensures you are always in touch with what is going on in the market and a step ahead of other traders.

By using the complex algorithms and methods we have mentioned Bitonyx simplifies the trading process. It will analyse in depth and make the trade at precisely the right moment and has been proven to operate with a very high standard of accuracy.

Do you need Bitonyx? If you want to achieve pinpoint accuracy when trading in cryptocurrency it comes highly recommended, and the well presented and informative website should be your next port of call if this is your area of investment.